Ugandan Cultural Dancers

World Hunger Fund Persents the Ugandan Cultural Dance Team - Experience the Performance of a Lifetime!

Posted March, 2022

Presenting the Ugandan Cultural Dance Team

The Ugandan Dancers are coming to America, get ready to be blown away!

The performance of a lifetime

The World Hunger Fund has established deep connections in the Uganda region over the past 7 years, establishing a street kid shelter and a community educational and parental care facility. During that time we have seen some tremendous people and had some amazing experiences. One thing that has blown us away is a group of performers that do tightly choreographed cultural dance performances. Naturally, we told ourselves that we should bring this team of dancers to the USA to share their wonderful dancing on a tour of venues in various cities, and after much dreaming and planning, we are pleased to present that opportunity to you!

Coming straight out of Western Uganda, this team of dancers have an engaging show that is sure to be a memorable experience from the moment they first take your stage. The Skydance crew, a modern African dance group, will also be there to open for them.

This performance is offered free of charge for large colleges, universities, churches, exhibits, shows, or any other large gathering of people. We are flexible with the length of the show. It can either be a small 10-20 minute segment of your larger production, or it can be a main event lasting an hour(+).
The team simply wants to be a blessing to your gathering. We do ask for the priviledge of being allowed to share about World Hunger Fund for the last minutes of the program, and give the crowd an opportunity to learn more about the efforts of the World Hunger Fund in the Uganda region and how they can help. There will also be an informational booth with promotional materials in the viscinity of the performance. World Hunger Fund currently has a center that houses over 100 street kids as well as a boarding school/orphanage in the western Uganda region. Please note that many of the performers on the dance team grew up on the streets and were homeless themselves, so this is something close to their hearts and they love to help out the cause.

If you are interested in having the cultural dance team come to your venue, please let us know imediately as available slots are filling up quickly. The dates that the team will be in America is fall of 2022 with the possibility of other dates further down the road. To schedule a call, please reach out directly to Robert Hunt at 651-888-9190 or email us at

“Simply amazing. You will never forget this experiene.”

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